Sunday 18 August 2019

tropical rain...

... is not as such better than shoes. But, it can be πŸ˜‰

So, it’s late afternoon, I have already taken my nap on the patio and now I’m on the beach, working on my tan because well, that’s what I do when I’m on beach holidays! That and reading for pleasure! You see, I read and write for a living and that’s not fun at all so the only times I can actually read just for fun and truly enjoy it it’s when I’m on holidays!

Yes, I digress... I’m on the beach and I see a really dark cloud in the distance, pouring some rather substantial rain in the sea... now, I’m no expert in weather, especially in this part of the world that I visit for the first time, but the engineer in me thinks: “ hmmmm... there’s rain there and the wind is coming this way so very probable that it will bring it here soon”. I know. Some very complex thinking took place... I have my diploma to thank for it... ok, jokes aside, it really looked like it was going to pour! A prudent girl, I gather up my stuff (always better to be safe than sorry... and wet... particularly if it means my iPhone and Kindle are also wet...) and head to the house...

It was about fifteen minutes later that the rain started! Sudden and strong! Like someone was holding a shower head over the island! So much water that fell in the next hour, it was most impressive! And there I was, all protected on the patio, perfectly dry (except for my hair... I had just taken a dip in the sea before I left the beach...), lounging cozily on the chaise-longue, smoking my ciggy and looking at the warm rain that kept falling, making everything wet and fuzzy... and yes, there were some people running to take cover, but I had been lucky! I saw it coming! And under the circumstances, it was indeed a “better than shoes” experience 😊

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