Friday 4 October 2019

talking... better than shoes. Now, I know this sounds a bit silly but let me explain.

I have been sick for a week... I mean, “sick” doesn’t even begin to describe it, I have been bed-bound and miserable and exhausted beyond belief, that’s what I have been! Today is the first day I manage to actually hold my iPad for more than 3’! And make some tea without having to sit down while the water boils! And as I have been in bed all this time, I have watched lots and lots of  TV... I ended up even watching this series “Divorce” (good for when you are at home with the flu...) and I noticed the following: people my age having relationships that end without even exchanging one word about it! Receiving a text that says “this is it? Call me!” and just ignoring it! From someone they were intimate with! I mean, when did this “efficient” handling of relationships become the fashion?! Where was I?!

I do not believe in the silent treatment! I do not condone ending relationships without a real conversation. Hell, I do not understand how is it possible for adults to not talk about things that concern them, hurt them, annoy them or even infuriate them! Ghosting?? That’s just ridiculous, we are not 14, we can and we should be able to handle a conversation, a discussion even, about anything! Even when we have screwed up! Especially when we have screwed up!  When something bad happens, say one does something we don’t like,  we should be able to say so and the other person should be able to listen and rebut if they believe it to be false or apologise if they think it is appropriate. Bad things do not just disappear, they linger! And they fester! Unless we talk about them, clear the air one way or the other and move on. With a smile!

No, I do not understand how is it possible at our age to avoid talking about things! Are we so arrogant? Are we so indifferent? Is it that we don’t have the time? That we are so busy and important?! Is it that we do not want to admit having done anything wrong? We are human! Of course we do the wrong thing every now and then! But by avoiding to talk about it will not make it as if it never happened! To the contrary, it will just make it imprint in peoples’ memories as the last thing we did... is that what we really want? I don’t think so... so... talk! And listen! Clear the air! Communicate, my darlings! We are civilised!

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