Wednesday 23 October 2019

tomorrow... better than shoes. Why? Because it has the potential to be!

I had a bit of a bad day... I mean, “bad” is a rather strong word... I had a “mehhhhh” day... my hair did not behave this morning, the weather was as expected for this time of the year (never a good thing in this part of the world), work was full of tiny annoying details, my new Aquazzura pumps turned out to be too big and need to be returned, small home improvement did not go according to plan, I had no time to start knitting a new scarf for me (after having done three gorgeous ones for my friends and really wanting to get mine on the way)... all in all, mehhhhh....

So, as the evening progressed and I was moody and with that sour facial expression I carry sometimes, walking in my pyjamas and preparing a cup of herbal tea, I mumbled “today was not a good day”... and, right then and there, I said loudly “tomorrow will be better!”... Now, obviously, I don’t know! How could I?! I have no crystal ball showing the future, I have certainly not planned a date with Idris Elba (or someone as hot and charming and funny but, you know, from the real world...) and chances are my hair will not improve after having slept on it... plus, there is no draw for the lottery tomorrow so winning it is out of the question!

So, why is tomorrow going to be better? Because it can! It can be better! It can be good! The unknown can be good! The known, the present, is what it is but there is no harm in believing that tomorrow can be awesome! It’s called optimism! And it’s a damn good thing! Is what keeps me going when the going gets tough (I mean, really tough, not like today... pfffff), and it does get tough ever so often! And if you jump to tell me “yeah, well, tomorrow can be a total shit”, my response to you will be “goodness, what a sad life you do lead, my friend, wanna go grab a drink and talk about it? Or we can talk shoes, I’m good either way...” 😉

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