Thursday 13 August 2020

lucifer atticus parks my kitten. We are living together now for two weeks. He is a British shorthair in blue colourpoint, all white with only his tail and paws in that amazing deep grey of his breed. His eyes are the lightest turquoise, almost silver. And, before you start asking, no, I will not be posting photos of him here. Here... we write and read. But I sure will be writing about him because, and although I do not let him near my shoes (I mean... com’on...he chews on everything!), having him in my life is the best thing, the best thing really, that has happened to me in a veeeeeery loooooong time! 

When we arrived home two weeks ago, with him all terrified from the trip and me heartbroken because of his crying all the way, he run under my bed and would not come out not even for food! I thought I had traumatised him and he would hate me for the rest of his life! I was so wrong... here’s what happened: at about 11 in the evening, after I had my night routine (you know, brush my teeth, put on my night cream, that kind of stuff...), I went to bed. I put “Friends” on Netflix because... oh well, who needs a reason for a “Friends” rerun!... and as I was watching, thinking that Lucifer would never ever get out from underneath the bed, I suddenly see him seated at the edge of the bed looking at the TV! A tiny white fur-ball with pointy ears looking at Rachel and Ross! 

That same night, he slept next to my head and every time I turned  he would come and give me kisses! And ever since we sleep like this (ok, except for one night, poor thing had gone mad because of the awful heatwave and because of tiny flies in a plant... they bugged him senseless!) after having watched an episode of “Friends”. We wake up together early, take our breakfast and then he keeps me company all day, when I’m working, when I’m cooking and eating, when I’m taking a nap, when I’m watching Netflix... Yesterday, I was having a rough day and as I was laying on the sofa in the evening, he came to lay really really close to me and put his paw over my tummy... yep! He hugged me! 

Now, if this all is not “better than shoes”, I don’t know what is!! Right?! 

Ps. He just woke up... he was asleep on the coffee table in front of me and now he’s seated next to me looking at what I’m doing... I told him I’m writing about him ☺️ 



Anonymous said...

Great news!!! �� Lovely roommate and he likes "Friends"... even better!�� Really really happy for u!! ��

Nina said...

Thank you! 😊