Monday 14 September 2020

ode to Lucifer

I know what you must be thinking... that I have turned into a crazy cat lady and from now on I will only be writing about my cat because, let’s face is, he’s what definitively is “better than shoes” in my life. Well... if you are thinking that, keep reading this blog and I hope I can prove you wrong. Not because I will not turn into a crazy cat lady, I guess that ship has already sailed, but because I do believe in my heart that “better than shoes” stuff are going to keep coming in my life and I will be able to see them and appreciate them and share them with you 😊

However, since this has been a year of slim pickings when it comes to positive experiences (yeah... there’s no point denying that...) and I have promised since I started this blog to only write about the good things, “bear with me” for the time being as I share with you the one truly amazing thing I have in my life right now: Lucifer’s love! ( I write this, he runs like crazy out my bedroom to the living room, just to remind me that, yeah, he is a kitten and he has his moments of madness...)

How do I know he loves me, you may ask... well, I do! Because he shows me!

He shows me he loves me every chance he has! He shows me he loves me when he purrs just by sitting next to me on the sofa while we watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. He shows me when he follows me around the house, very interested at every little, mundane thing I do. He shows me when he falls asleep on my desk while I work in the morning because he just wants to be close to me. He shows me every single night when he sleeps next to my head and licks my nose when I wake up in the morning, patiently waiting for me to open my eyes even if he’s hungry. He shows me when I hold him in my arms like a baby and he caresses my face with his paw. He shows me when he slowly blinks at me (these are “cat kisses”, did you know?). He shows me when he trusts me enough to let me touch his forehead with my forehead. He shows me when he brings his little plastic mouse to me as a gift.  He shows me when he waits by the door for me to come back when I go to the supermarket. He shows me he loves me when he feels I’m not well and he pokes me to see if I’m ok like yesterday when I had a sudden drop of blood pressure and I had to lie down... or when I was crying the night my mom died and he put his paw on my shoulder, like an old friend comforting me, although he knew me for less than a month... 

He shows me he loves me. He does not say it but then again... words are just words and I’ve heard my share of fake “I love you”s in my life... Lucifer, he shows me he loves me in his own way and it is crystal clear. And “better than shoes”.

Ps. He just came back and settled on the nightstand... he will fall asleep there and, in a while, still half asleep, he will move next to my pillow... night-night...

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