Tuesday 15 December 2009


...No, I'm not talking about great achievements! Obviously discovering the cure for cancer would be better than shoes in anyone's book and it would be pretty predictable (borderline boring even...) for me to write about... So, no, I'm not referring to achievements of this caliber... I'm talking about smaller, much smaller things, that one sees through successfully and make one (the same one usually...) feel a sense of accomplishment and joy for having done things properly!  And it is that feeling of success that I had recently and, in comparison, felt better than a new pair of gray Miu Miu pumps (that I also got recently ;)

I was entrusted with the task to organize, together with a colleague of mine, the most important social event of my directorate (and, no, I will not waste your precious time explaining the organizational details of the organization where I'm employed, you would really be bored to oblivion... just keep in mind that I am part of a directorate of about 25 people and these are my immediate work colleagues). It was the third time that we were, the two of us, responsible for the event and I would not be far off if I were to say that it was the best one we organized! (some people also said it was the best ever but, hey, don't need to brag... ). And yes, the preparations were a big part of the fun! We got to try different restaurants, along with a small but international group of colleagues, try and chose the wine, set the menu, prepare greeting cards and little presents and see that everything was done as best as possible! And on the day, last Friday, it was a success!

To me, the best thing of all was not to receive all the compliments and "thank you's" that I did receive (and that does not mean that I did not appreciate them, not at all) and not even the flowers that they were so kind to offer me but the smiles on everyone's faces! Smiles that appeared around noon, when everybody entered the restaurant, and lasted at least until 8 in the evening when I left leaving still a big group of people in the restaurant! And, from what I hear, long after! Everyone was having a good time and though I do believe that the consumption of the marvelous champagne we started with and the wines that followed did have a lot to do with the mood of the people, I also believe that it was the fact that the lunch (if one can call an 8-hours feast "lunch"...) was really a pleasant and successful one! And that was partly because of me!

Small achievement... yes, indeed. But and achievement nonetheless! And it gave me great pleasure to know that I had done my part well! Certainly not a one-man-show, a team work that went really well! Us, the organizers, the chef, the service, everything so much more than just ok! And at the end of the day everybody had had a good time and they will remember it dearly! And this is better than shoes! For me at least...

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Andorinha said...

Well, congrats then!! I'm happy if you are happy! :D

PS:I can't sleep, I had too much food :S Gonna watch a movie now blog news are over ;))