Saturday 5 December 2009

a girl's day out :)

I had the best day!! Woke up early but rested and had a cappuccino and a chocolate muffin for breakfast... so indeed, the day started on the right foot!  Then, took my shower and got out of the house heading for Amsterdam... knowing that today's holiday would make the shops packed with people buying last minute's presents (today's holiday: Sinterklaas... a strange dutch holiday where a white rich grandpa who brings presents to kids -and  is therefore hugely loved- is followed by a black servant/beggar/slave/devil who most kids are afraid of like the boogie man... have to love this so not racist society... but, ok, don't get me started with social matters or I won't be writing about anything better than shoes...) Anyway, got there early, before the masses,  and enjoyed a great day of shopping!!

Great shopping means for me two things: Getting what you want (and in your size and everything...) and getting it in a good price! Now, as for service, it is essential too, no doubt about it, however living here all these years has lowered my standards... but today was a lovely exception in this domain too! I did get great service! Is it the crisis? I wonder... No matter the reason, I was pleasantly surprised! And the sales were fantastic! Got everything I needed with 30-50% off! I know, I know, you all share my excitement!

And on top of it, I got to escape the rain! Let me explain something for those reading this from afar (oh, lucky ones!)... In The Netherlands, it rains... a lot... sometimes it forgets to stop... for days... and because of that we have all become weather experts! Applications for the mobile phones and web sites showing the rain showers come and go with remarkable accuracy have become our best friends... needless to say, my best friends too as I, coming from the south, have a certain intolerance to water falling down to my head unless it is in the shower... and not even there every time!! So today, I consulted every bit of online information I could get my hands on and made it to Amsterdam and back dry! Though it has been raining before I got out of the house and right after I got back in! Now, isn't this wonderful??

And to complete this perfect day, I had a very late lunch with a glass of champagne (so many reasons to celebrate :) and a nap on the sofa while watching a film... Bliss!! So, after all this I believe that I'm entitled to say that days like today, days that we girls enjoy our discounted shopping sprees, remain dry and have some home-y relaxation afterward ARE better than shoes!!! Especially because they combine so well with a new pair of Zanotti light glitter ballerinas I got ;)

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Andorinha said...

You have to start posting pics of your new shoes! :)))
I'm glad I didn't call you yesterday than, so you could had your bliss with the champagne and all ;)

On my hand, it started very bad. The shop I left my camera to be repaired closed, out-of-business. I even went to the police to help me find the guys and nothing. I lost my camera, and the worse is the pictures inside it that I never managed to get out, reason why it was being repaired...
Anyway, after I got mad, yelled a lot inside the car, showed my outrage, I dropped the subject, went to Breukelen to pick up the wine, got home (with also white wonderful wine for my Greek friend, and nice one! And this time is already in the fridge getting extra cold!), did my shopping at de Boer, won a WOK from Tefal (great being in the korting and gratis country, right?!) for FREE, went to Utrecht to test the Exam ridding back and forward and it only takes me 45 minutes (great!)got home, study a bit, did a great pees and mint soup and ended with a great James Bond movie with Petzi curling next to me. Ok, I wrote a whole post :D
Gotta go study! Meet me for dinner today?
Take care, Sofia