Thursday 13 May 2010

more thoughts about cars...

Some time ago I was wondering if cars are better than shoes... and the conclusion is that some are (no more details, go read previous posts in the archive, darlings :) Now I'm back on the subject because I have more evidence that indeed they can be!

I have been fortunate enough to travel to two different countries in two consecutive weekends (hence the plethora of "better than shoes" experiences... it's a quest, people, I have to pursue!!) and I managed to get rain everywhere!!! Here, there, everywhere!
Ok, perhaps this is my bad Karma, I have been naughty lately, but all this rain made me appreciate cars even more! Yes, you may end up stuck in traffic for 1 hour because a spiritual leader decided to visit the city you are in... on your way to the airport...) and yes you may be suddenly informed that the coveted new car you just bought will cost 2850 euros more than agreed because prices increased (only to be told 3 day later that no, it won't, after you've had a slight stroke and the right side of your body is still stiff... good thing you got an automatic, right??) but regardless of all that, you (and your shoes...) stay dry!!!!

And since I found myself in the city which is the Mecca of my favourite brand, I could not but go visit the temple! A store, not just any but the flagship store, a museum and a factory... this latter I didn't get to visit but I saw the rest! Shinning, gorgeous vehicles, the latest available technology (no, I'm not crazy about it but, what the hell, as long as they look good!) and an atmosphere of immense luxury! No, the global economic crisis does not look to affect them (they just increase prices...)...

Anyway, the most interesting part was the museum!!! Cars from the beginning of the last century, cars with the power of 15 horses (yes, just 15!!) looking amazing, like new,  motorcycles, engines (even plane engines) and even Formula 1!! I was looking around with a big smile on my face, recognizing models I remember from my youth,  pointing from one to the other, thrilled to see again cars I used to admire secretly because in my family we were all supposed to be fans of the competitor manufacturer just because my dad was... And my chin dropped to the floor when I got to see the most wonderful part of the exhibition which was the  original 007 cars!!! Proud owner of one of them (well, the model, not the exact one that Pierce Brosnan drove... that is the one in the museum...) I felt part of it all and got even a bit emotional... My goodness, they looked good!! Better that Alaia's high heel sandals!!! And here is a picture to prove it!!

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