Wednesday 12 May 2010

"red" is better than shoes!!!

ok, ok, those of you who know me will not be surprised by this statement... after all, I do have a red wall in my home!!! And it would appear than the only exception would be in the case of red soled shoes... when the statement would not make any sense... all this is right but, what if I say that "red" in this case has to do with football?!... Then exactly those who know me for a long time will say, wait a minute, this can't be right, you have been all and only for "yellow" all your life when it comes to football... ok, even blue and white in very rare occasions... meaning that only one time at 2004 when no one knows exactly what happened but we got to be European Champions...

Yes, I have been all for "yellow"... and then... then, I got to know "red"... and it started to grow on me, I started to watch them and know them and like them, then I started to cheer for them and gather up all my witch strength to help them when they played and I got happy when they won... And as the "yellow" and the "red" are from different countries (and they only got to play against each other only those two times and got one victory each) it does not feel like a betrayal... After all, when one has enough love to share there is not crime in sharing it, right?... granted, when it comes to lovers, this becomes a veeeeery long discussion...

But this is football... and last weekend it was its celebration in a certain part of the world... And I got to be there and share the love and the joy and be part of the celebrations! Nothing and no one had prepared me for what I experienced, it was bigger than anything I had imagined!! So much red gathered in one stadium, so much red in the streets, a red sea of happiness and pride!! Who knew were all these people came from, it felt like the whole country was there, dressed in red singing "we are the champions" (and most probably it was...)!!! And I was there singing with them!!! "Red" is my second love, when it comes to football teams, but love it is, and being there with them to be part of their party last weekend was incredible!!! And better than shoes!!!


Aguia Vermelha said...

Red is The Color of My , sorry OUR Great Football Club Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
Champions of Portugal and Great all over the World.
It's Good to hear that there are People from other parts of the World who also Love SL Benfica.
It makes Us Bigger and above all Proud of it.
Great Club,Great Fans a Passion wich can touch every Hart.


Nina said...

"Campeões, campeões, nos somos campeões!!"