Monday 24 May 2010

Tea at five o'clock...

...well, was not exactly... First of all the invitation was for 4 o'clock which totally differentiated everything!!! Secondly, the food was far too good for a tea party, even a high tea!! Delicious eggs filled with curry cream, yummy meat balls (I think I ate about 17 of them... stopped counting at some point....), cheese pies with sesame seeds on top, tiny sausages, bread, chips, crisps, nuts... and to finish it all, the best cheese cake I ever ate in my entire life (and yes, I did have two pieces and yes I did walk 14Km today to burn the guilt... if not the calories...)!! And finally, there was not a cup of tea in sight!!! Instead, there was gin n' tonic, Cuba libre, lots of Coronas and a great muscato d'asti to accompany the divine cheese cake!

So, yes, overall NOT a tea party exactly... but the best party I have been in a long time!!! Hosted by my best Greek friend here in Holland and his partner in their garden which, just like the rest of their house, is just perfect! The sun was shining as we had the best day so far this year, warm and clear and amazing! The guests, well, the rest of my Greek friends here, everybody in their best mood for being together and also because of the great weather!! So, no, it could not have been much better than this!

We ate and drank (perhaps even a bit too much drinking in my case... I do not metabolize alcohol the way I used to ten years ago, man... was not my fault, though, A. kept making me cocktails!!!)  we played card games, we talked, we laughed, we danced, we took silly pictures... it was the perfect way to spend the first really summery day of this year!! And, no doubt whatsoever, it was better than shoes! One fantastic garden party with the best group of people, in a lovely house,  with fabulous food and the best of hosts!! All I can say is "thank you, S." and "when is the next one???"


RayPlay said...

Freedom, independence and soi the vivre; you definitely found your way. You write funny and pure stuff in two days

Nina said...

Thank you, Raymond :) and, if I may, I really like your idea of "a pic and a chat"! Cheers, C.