Wednesday 14 July 2010

Holidays are better than shoes!!!

True, the title is self explanatory... and I have the feeling that none of you is going to disagree with me... but since this is the last post before my break -and no, it is not going to be a very long one, just enough to get more "better than shoes" experiences to share with you- I will elaborate a bit...

So, we all made it through the long, cold and dark winter, we made it through the last weeks before the break when magically about a billion things to take care of appeared out of nowhere, we made it through the (unfortunately unavoidable...) diet and exhausting workouts in order to fit in that swim suit again (if ever...), we made it through that period when colleagues and friends are already on holidays and we are still working (and there is almost no one to have lunch with...) and after all that, our time has finally come!

And we got the suitcase out of the closet and we packed our favorite flat, embellished sandals and our jeans and all (but, really, ALL) our T-shirts along with lots of sun screen and we are ready to go! And no, not everything is finished work wise -we knew it would not be, who are we kidding- and no, we did not manage really to lose weight -did we??- but who cares?? Soon we will be under the sun, preferably by the blue sea without a worry in the world, preferably near great food and drinks and, above all, good friends! And this will charge the batteries until the next break...

Holidays are better than shoes and they combine very well with them... I hope you all enjoy yours, shoes and holidays that is, and that you remember to always look for things that tickle your fancy and make you put on a smile :)

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