Wednesday 30 June 2010

Day trip by train!

I love travelling! This is not a secret and I have shared with you my travelling "better than shoes" experiences more than once :) After all, if finding the things that are better than shoes in life is my quest, I better get moving! Sitting on a sofa all the time does not get you very far when it comes to experiences... So, yes, I love travelling and I have the privilege of being able to do it very often... well, according to my mum too often!

Though taking a plane and going to a far away place is magical and exciting and a great pleasure for me, I have another, smaller but very significant, pleasure too... train trips! Some time ago, I decided to go and spend the day in Antwerp! This Belgian city is a gem! Not only is has a market which a lot of world capitals would be envious of, and yes, you can find almost everything there as well as red sole masterpieces, but it also offers a great variety of cafés, restaurants and cultural events! So, in out "neighbourhood", Antwerp is a definite must to visit! On top of it, it's just an hour and a half away by train!

So, Saturday morning, sun shinning up above (yes, I will be praising the summer and write about it as often as it allows me... for when it is over, it will be a looooooooong, cold and dark time before it comes back...) and I rushed to the train station. Got my ticket and my magazine, had my breakfast and my morning ciggy (I, too, have bad habits, what did you think?...) and when the train arrived I made myself comfy in my seat and read the latest shoe news while listening to music...  Just perfect!! Arrived in Antwerp at about noon, walked around, did a bit of shopping (because train trips are not only better than shoes, they bring you closer to them too!!) and then headed back...

The trip back home was even more pleasant! Tired from the day, I dozed off while listening to my iPod and took a nap... mmm... I could not have asked for anything more! The soft sound of the engine was like a lullaby and the afternoon sun was warming me and making me relax and feel so sleepy... Overall, a true "better than shoes" experience!! And, truth be told, the best part of the trip was the train part, I kid you not!!!

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