Monday 21 June 2010

The World Cup IS better than shoes!!!

What?? You are actually wondering "which World Cup..."?? The football WC obviously!! And yes, for those of you who think that someone else took over my blog, perhaps a bearded guy with a very heavy voice and a beer in his hand, no, it is still me and, apart from Louboutin's divine creations I also love football!!

I was born 17 days earlier... I like to think that I did that because I did not want to miss the World Cup! And since then, ok, technically not exactly since then but very shortly after, I have been watching football! I do know that it is not a very girly thing... most of my female friends hate it... or to the limit, they just don't get it and, eventually, hate watching it (because, ok, try to watch something you do not understand absolutely nothing -grammatical mistake intended for emphasis- about, for an hour and a half, and see if you like it or not... happened to me with rugby... I just don't get it... despite the various attempts of friends to help me understand, it still is a pointless, mysterious and terribly boring game to me... and I do apologize for my ignorance but the fact remains...)  so, yes, I guess I am a bit different then the norm... but it is true that I love football and it is also true that it watching the WC brings me lovely memories from my childhood when I would watch the games with my father...

Every four years when the great big party of football takes place I am as happy as can be! I run home to watch the games (and yes, I have also taken an afternoon or two off just to watch a game...), I follow the results, the standings, the players' condition, I make calculations and attempt predictions... Mostly though, I just have fun!! I love the sport, I love trying to guess the next move, to follow the development of the attack and to shout at the TV when the defense is open... I enjoy the conversations afterwards with my friends and the long discussions as to whether there was an off side or not... I love to see they celebrations of the players when they score goals and their happy faces when they have won (and it was the team I was supporting that won... the other way around, not that joyous...)

So yes, these are indeed happy times for me... perhaps to some of you this does not make any sense at all... then again, perhaps other things I write about do not make sense to everyone... no worries, there is enough space for everybody's views in this world :) As for football, all I suggest is give it a chance... a real chance! Now is the time :) Watch a game between strong teams (you pick, I personally prefer South American football :) and try to follow... who knows, perhaps it will win you over ;) Alternatively, just browse the sales that most fashion websites have at this moment and shop for some flat gladiator sandals :) sooooo cute!!

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RayPlay said...

What about the shoes baby, the football shoes. Golden, yellow and white. And then the dudes wearing them...that sure must be better then shoes.
Hope for you that besides the Latinos maybe the Greek can play one more round.
"WC" in Holland means "toilet" by the way, and to put it frankly some matches (Dutch and Greek) come close to that.
Have a nice WC.