Wednesday 23 June 2010

walking home from work...

...does not sound like a "better than shoes" thing... not if it means walking home on high heels because you forgot to get your sneakers along in the morning and now you've missed your bus (or tram, or metro or... whatever...) in the rain, without an umbrella (that was in the same bag as the sneakers -in the hallway next to your house door- which you forgot to take when left...) or a raincoat (because the one you liked was hugely expensive and you are still waiting for it to be on sales while you are not buying anything else...) and without a taxi in sight...

No, this is certainly not better than shoes... in fact it is really bad! But, what about this image: You've left work after having finished a chore that was waiting to be treated for the last six months simply because you just hated doing it and you had been procrastinating... until today when not only you got to do it but you actually completed it! You've put your sneakers on that you did not forget to take with you the same morning and no need for an umbrella whatsoever as on this late afternoon, the sun is shinning and the weather is warm and you don't even need a jacket!  So, you walk by a peaceful canal where every now and then you see a little boat... and though you don't particularly like being on one, the view is calming and pretty!

You walk along and you come across people running, walking their dogs (and actually poop scooping!!! yes, they DO exist, I have seen them!!! It is not an urban myth!! ) or  lying in the sun or sitting on a bench reading or fishing and all of them have a smile on... more or less like yours... You have your music with and though you've just chosen one song to begin with, technology has done its part (thank you iTunes...) and all the rest that followed that first one are ingeniously equally, if not more, good! And to top it all up, it's a Friday and the weekend has already started and you have great plans to meet with your friends and you look forward to that! And, last but not least, you know that by the time you reach home, you will have burnt the calories of that little chocolate bar that you did not resist eating with your coffee after lunch!
Now, isn't this better than shoes??

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