Monday 28 June 2010

summer full moon...

Summer is my favourite time of the year... partly, I guess, because it is the season I was born in... Though back home the heat can be (and often is...) unbearable, I have always found that I feel at least 20% happier in the summer than in any other season... ok, except for the Christmas season that is always beyond competition! Now, living in The Netherlands for the last 10 years (goodness me!!!) I have learned that summer is a rare commodity... and as I have written before, I have learned not only to appreciate it more but also not to overlook it when it comes!

So, a few night ago and while in a lovely summery weather, I when out with my friends for a dinner by the marina! We sat outside and enjoyed some good sea food and an even better bottle of wine (or three of them but who's counting...) as well as the early evening sun and a great view to the boats... and though I hate being on them as I get ridiculously panicked, just the view of them is very relaxing!! After dinner I took the bus home... no, I never drink and drive in case you are wondering... So I got on the bus, found a great seat at the front, practically next to the driver and I got lost in my thoughts... until the bus took a turn... and then I saw it!!!

The biggest, fullest, prettiest moon I have seen all year!! Was it the most beautiful I have seen in my life?... no...  I come from the land of the Parthenon and the Aegean and I have also travelled all the way to the "end of the world"... in my wanderings I have had the luck to gaze at the moon while being surrounded by the prettiest earthly sceneries... and that does make a difference... But, comparisons aside, just the full moon by itself provided an amazing picture!!

It was like it was lighting out way, low above the buildings and the trees and as thought he road we were on was going all the way up to it!! The man on it was smiling as always, a bit of a melancholic smile but comforting to see it as I remembered it... Living in a mostly clouded country we forget that the moon is always up there as most often we just don't see it... But that night, oh, it certainly was there and it certainly was impossible not to see it!! The view was breathtaking and the beauty of it put a smile on my face! Now, if that to you is not better than shoes, combine that beauty with the warm summer night, after a great dinner with good friends and see if that works ;)

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