Monday 9 August 2010

In vino veritas...

...and that is the truth!! Though the effects of wine on walking in high heels have often been disastrous since the beginning of time... or at least since when the high heels were invented (some say the inventor was Leonardo Da Vinci, but then again most inventions are accredited to him...) and rightfully so, as anyone who tried to balance on a 10cm stilettos after 3 or 4 glasses of wine will testify, the fact remains that a good wine is better than shoes!

I love wine... and the universe has cursed me not to be able to drink the red one... some sort of allergy, don't know exactly what, to the tannins which makes me have the most horrible migraines when I drink it... The connoisseurs will tell you that the true masterpieces of wine have a ruby colour... and they will be right. However, since I discovered that I cannot tolerate the red, I have also discovered the  wonders of white wine! And there are indeed so many to choose from! Sweet ones, dry ones, desert ones, the list is long and some of them are really amazing! Personal favourites include the Riesling, the Pouilly Fumé and the marvelous Sancerre and not to forget the magical Ice Wine for which I have written before!

Luckily, my alergy excludes the wonderful Port wine :) which, by the way, is one of the great pleasure in my life! Many times, on a Friday, at the end of the working week, I have skipped proper dinner just to enjoy a glass of wine with a good cheese! And I have not regretted it at all! During my recent holidays I have had the opportunity to enjoy some great wines and this is the reason why I decided to write about it now. And yes, as said before and unsurprisingly, I have not been able to combine succesfully wine and high heels, but this has never been a reason not to appreciate both of them :)

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