Wednesday 13 October 2010

Cooking for friends...

... is one of the most relaxing things!! And I didn't even notice until last week! Well, I have always liked cooking and many a time I received compliments for my food. Mostly though I have enjoyed playing in the kitchen during the weekend, when I have time and I'm not tired from work. One of the things I love is to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, cooking something special and looking forward to enjoy it with my friends later.

But last week, I found myself cooking a rather demanding meal on a Thursday evening... and it was great! Though I had been busy as a bee the whole week, in a seminar which would start veeeeeery early in the morning for my standards (yes, I'm still one of the lucky ones who can sleep late...) and suck out every bit of energy from my body, I offered to cook, inviting also a friend who had been visiting for  couple of days. So, after having been in the most booooring presentation in German (and please do not ask what did I understand...) and also stuck in traffic for about an hour because of a demonstration which paralysed the whole city, I went to the supermarket for supplies and then home to cook.

And as I was joggling with the pork stew, the salad, setting the table,  lighting the candles and smoking a ciggy I just realized that... I was not stressed!! My shoulders had finally come down, I was singing and smiling and looking forward to receive my friends!! Hurray!!  The universe was being kind to me and later even kinder as I got offered an amazing wine which accompanied the food magnificently and had a wonderful evening altogether!

So, yes, cooking is better than shoes and when combined with the company of good friends is unbeatable! Just perhaps not recommended to be done in high heels... at least not for me :)

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