Monday 4 October 2010

Happy children!

Well, it's no secret that I am not a fan of kids... Still my maternal instincts have not kicked in... not quite sure whether they ever will but not stupid enough to exclude the possibility I still get by without really giving it much thought... Now, when it comes to other people's children, I do have clearer views...  Some years ago I have been attacked and kicked in the leg by a kid in a super market, without any other reason than being there and please do not ask where did this happen, the answer is obvious... I have to say I hated it... and I do hate it when kids scream, cry, fight or shout in my vicinity, always coming to the conclusion that their parents are doing something wrong for the children to behave like that... the same parents that usually remain apathetic towards the above mentioned kids' behaviour...

Obviously some of you may be tempted to tell me to "keep quiet as I do not have children of my own and thus should not be so judgemental"... Ok, I respect your opinion. But hear me out, I do have arguments for this view point. I have not yet met children of happy, calm and loving couples, of parents who shower them with love and attention and respect them and each other, who scream, kick or shout!! Children need attention, because, let's face it, a child when very young, only has its parents! We, adults, have friends, family, partners, colleagues, in one word lots of people to share our life and experiences with. Children, until a certain age that is, only have their parents to share their, numerous, experiences with. And when their parents do not give then enough attention and love and support, usually they scream for it :)

Some time ago I visited a friend's house. He and his wife are of different nationalities and have three kids, all less than eight years of age. Two of them were up when I went to their place and were playing in the living room with us while we, the adults, were having a cup of coffee... such beautiful children with amazing, bright smiles on their faces and polite as can be! They made a castle of pillows in a corner in the room and kept playing in our company, practically invisible but obviously content. They had their fun, we had ours! No screaming, no arguing between them, no interruptions, no claiming attention... just fun! Now, that says to me that the parents are doing something very right there! Happy children are the product of happy parents and happy, fortunate unions and that, my friends, all that, IS better than shoes!

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