Wednesday 19 October 2011

one Sunday morning...

9:32pm on a Sunday morning... the sun has started to shyly shine making his appearance through the morning mist and guaranteeing a beautiful day that's starting. I am standing in front of my building, dressed up in my leggings, fleece (with a jacket on top) and Nike's trainers, all ready to start my walk. I set up the Nike+iPod with my favourite genius list starting with "Are you gonna go my way" which gives me the best tempo for my workout and, city, here I come :)

I promised myself that this year I will not stop walking outside during the winter. Though I am not brave enough to go out in the pouring rain, I made a deal with me that in the weekends, when it is not raining, I will go for my usual route of 8Km to burn calories and give my heart the health boost it needs. And so far so good. Admittedly, the winter is not here yet, but I guess what is important is not to stop the habit, right? So last Sunday, though rather chilly I was there, me and the road, no worries, no stress, just pure fun, meeting the Sunday morning people (church goers and runners usually), savouring the morning smells of the trees, feeling the sun on my face... Ah, bliss!!

I have written before how much I like walking, how much "better than shoes" it is for me... On a Sunday morning, with the promise of a big brunch to follow (and without a lot of guilt for the waffles I might be consuming...), knowing that I can spend the rest of the day resting with a good film (or two or three...) and hopefully good company on the sofa, taking a nap in between, on those days my walking is a pleasure I cannot match with many other pleasures in life! Needless to say I highly recommend it! ...and who knows, we might meet each other if you happen to be walking around The Hague :)

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