Monday 10 October 2011

virtual insanity!

I am a nerd... I believe I have written it before... I was the type of student who would get the top grades in high school (though I had to take the exams for the uni twice before I managed to get in... hmmm...) and have been called a nerd many a time in my life. Moreover, I do like high tech stuff and gadgets, even if I do not quite understand them, I do love sci fi movies and though I cannot speak Klingon, I do know how to greet you like Dr Spock... ah, and recently I put on spectacles...

So, with all my fixation with Louboutin shoes and Balenciaga bags, I still consider myself more of geek than a fashionista... but though I do get excited waiting for the new iPhone (yes, I know, a bit of a disappointment, not quite what we expected was introduced last week...) and I did even try google circles (I wonder who else did??)  there are many aspects of my fellow human beings' cybertality (cyber+mentality... I just made the word up... feel free to use it...) that I do not comprehend...

Like for example, this mania for having as many friends in facebook as possible.... nope, I do not get it... for starters, I am not in the least interested in calling "friends" people I haven't spoken to since more than 20 years just to have them added up to my -ever longer- fb "friends" list... I understand that for some people fb is their means of PR, like artists for example... fine. Numbers do have a different importance for them. But, as a very regular human being,  I really don't get the attitude of competing with one's real friends (the ones in the flesh...) about who has the most virtual friends in fb!

Another thing I don't get, and as always am open to suggestions, is why people feel the need to publish the most intimated details of their personal life in there (yep, fb I mean...) such as sexual relationships, for the whole world to know! WTF?? Yeah, really show that bitch who rejected you in the third grade that now you have lost all the extra weight and scored a hot girlfriend, hum??!! Get over it, people! And keep something to yourselves... Private life should be exactly that: private! And shared with only a few close friends, the type you actually meet in person and have coffee with, not virtual ones... if you actually find that you have more of the latter, the two-dimensional computer screen type,  re-examine your life, please! Avoid the virtual insanity... go out for a drink with just one friend instead of staying home to fb with 344 of them... it will do you good... "better than shoes" good ;)

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