Tuesday 20 March 2012

a bit of sun...

... and a good night's sleep is, really, better than shoes!

I woke up this morning with the sunlight sneaking in my room under the heavy dark grey curtain... no, nothing can keep it out if it's there and nothing can replace it when it's not! Second day in a row with sunlight! Priceless! And no, when I lived in Greece I would not even notice it, people never notice what they have in abundance... but here, oh here, I cannot but be counting the days (alas, the weeks sometimes...) before the sun shows his face on the blue sky and everything, no joke, everything looks better!

Add to that, that I actually slept well tonight and you have the perfect combination! I have been having trouble sleeping for some time, sleeping a lot but without getting real rest, like having the feeling that I am stressed all night and running lists in my mind of things I have to do... no good... But not tonight! Tonight I slept like a baby, comfy and cosy and snooze-y in the morning, nothing had bothered me, not the pillows or the duvet, nothing had spoilt my 8 hours of sleep! Now, who can actually say that this is not better than shoes, hum?!

So, two in one my bonuses for today, the benefits of those to be seen easily as I have been working happily and full of energy since I got to work! And I am in a good mood! And it is almost lunch time so I will have a break, get some food and continue! Good things happen all the time, remember, just need to see them! Today, I have already two of those going for me, and that is indeed worth mentioning and certainly appreciated!
Have a great day, people :)

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