Friday 30 March 2012

to seize the day...

... is better than shoes!

The spring came and went... Here in the lower lands the changing of the seasons follows an entirely different pattern then anywhere else in the world... Last week's spring is followed today by autumn... Do I like it? No. Can I change it? Also no. What's left? Enjoying it while it lasts! And I did! To the full! So that I will remember the spring of 2012 as the time when I had my coffee after lunch out in the sun (twice), I was out for a beer, for dinner, spend a day in Amsterdam chatting in the good weather, walked 12Km on a Sunday morning and then walked even more during lunch break in a park.

Not bad for just a week, right? Oh, yeah, I forgot, not only the changing of the seasons here is odd but also their duration... springtime was just a week... but a good week it was! And that is exactly what made me think "carpe diem"... remember "Dead poets society"? I do and I did even more lately. Life is indeed too short, spring (sometimes...) is even shorter and what's important is not to count the size of things (which only matters in some cases...), what's important is to take advantage of the good, to enjoy even if it is just a moment! That's what counts!

Making nice memories is an art, I think. We can train our memory to store only the good and just delete the bad and we can create ourselves more good data to be stored. We can. We only have to do it. It is to a very large extent in our power to fill up those folders in our minds with pleasant files. And yes, if life throws us lemons, we can make lemonade and we can choose to remember the fresh, tasty lemonade and not the lemon that hit us in the head! I did deviate, didn't I?... Oh well, the point is, keep seizing the days, keep enjoying the good moments and stop worrying about them being just moments. After all, life is just a series of moments, no? ;)

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