Friday 16 March 2012

I went for a beer after work...

...and it was better than shoes!!

Ok, I will explain because so far it sounds very trivial even to me... So, to begin with, I had a lousy week... and it was not better than shoes, it was crap and it was the second one in a row and it really got to my nerves... But, it is Friday!!! And I woke up today determined to leave the bad behind and have a good last day of the working week, no matter what!

I put on my Martin Margiela boots with the concealed platform (comfort and style... I know... could not be better), my leather biker jacket and my good smile and arrived to work. Over breakfast my friends reminded me of the St. Patric's Day party at the bar. What a better way to finish work than with a party?! As the day progressed, I kept receiving compliments (best one from a lady friend who said "I want a belly like yours!"... man, Pilates pays off big time!!!) I felt better and better, my mood improved so much compared to two days ago I wouldn't believe it myself!

And after I finished some things which had been waiting for my attention these last few days, I went and joined the party. Had a cold Corona, laughed with some good friends, tried the Irish finger food (delicious meat pies, never had them before), chatted and a bit and then came home to my veggie burgers and "Law&Order" episode. No, did not need more, just that, just a beer, just a bit of socializing, just a couple of compliments and some people happy to see me, just the feeling that I did not do once again, and on a Friday, the same things I do every day... I am the kind of girl who does not need much to be content and this change away from the ordinary left me happy... and because of that it was better than shoes ;)

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