Tuesday 10 April 2012

dolce far niente...

... or "sweet doing nothing", however you prefer it said, the point is the same: it is better than shoes!!!

I spent the 4 days of holidays that came together with the catholic Easter doing exactly that: nothing! Though there was the occasional movement from bed to sofa to dinner table and vice versa, in reality all I did during these 4 days was demonstrate, actively (pun intended...), how good I am in being lazy! Oh, I'm goooooood! Perhaps my best quality yet, as was discovered this past weekend!

There had been a plan of light travelling... but due to northern Europe's inability to act spontaneously, which basically meant that had you not booked a hotel 6 months in advance you could not ever find a room available, inability to which we southern people have to comply with, I did not go anywhere... you may wonder why had I not booked in advance, question which has a simple answer: 'cause I didn't wanna! I just wanted to be able to get in the car, drive 'till tired, then be able to find a nice hotel with a spa and have relaxing massage and a good meal afterwards... dream on...

So, as the escape on my terms could not take place, I stayed here and planned to be lazy... Now, when it comes to lazy long weekends, the trick is to arrange for good company, preferably with the same taste in food and films and certainly with the same level of energy (close to zero...) to make sure that unnecessary discussions over "let's go some place do something" are definitely avoided... surely you don't want to go anywhere and do anything, right? Nah... neither do I... Then, make sure you have comfy bed and sofa... crucial! And good food (ok, this is worth the trouble of going shopping...) and a good supply of gin and tonic and last but not least, make sure the weather is s*** so that nothing lures you out of the house ;)

There! This is the recipe I followed! And believe you me, the end result was so good I think of repeating the endeavour the next long weekend available... if nothing else, I can always count on the s***y weather LOL

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