Friday 21 December 2018


I know, I know, I know.... I’m sooooo late catching up... well, there’s no explanation other than I’ve been living under a rock for the last decade! How come no one ever told me about this TV gem is beyond comprehension... yes, sure, it’s other people’s fault... I’ve been oblivious until about a month and a half ago when bestie S told me to watch it and I will always be grateful to him!! And when I mentioned how taken I was by the show to darling L, he told me “well, love, you are lucky, you have 10 seasons to binge watch!”... yes, another devoted fan he is...

Of course I knew RuPaul, I will never forget the first time I saw the video clip of “don’t go breaking my heart” (admittedly, I had not really noticed him in the “love shack”) next to Elton John... I thought he’s the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life! I still believe she’s the most beautiful woman on TV (yes, I use “he” and “she” and I’m ignorant as to which is the correct but my words come from the heart and I write them with the utmost respect and admiration so, my apologies if I’m unwillingly insulting anyone and please correct me! I mean it!) The thing is, to little ol’ me, growing up in a small town, RuPaul’s presence and talent and that brightest of smiles made me think that it’s totaly ok to be a man who enjoys dressing as a woman and what matters really is one’s quality and truth! Also, that that smile could never be the smile of a bad person!

So now that I have binge watched 5 seasons (and have cried my eyes out because Netflix does not give me the first 5... why?!...) and I have passed hours and hours with the ladies and their humour and talent and kindness and confidence (oh, how I wish I had one tenth of their confidence) and pain (oh, so very often so much pain!...) and I have become a bona fide fan so much so that S and I went to see the ladies when they gave their Xmas show in Amsterdam, now that I know the faces and the stories and I have my favourites and my not-so-favourites, now that I have confirmed my teenage conviction that RuPaul’s smile is not the smile of a bad person (yes, you get to know people on TV, of course you do!) but quite the contrary of a kind and wise person, now I can tell you beyond any doubt that #DragRace IS better than shoes! 

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