Thursday 31 December 2020

a pat in the back...

If you allow me a... small transgression, I would like to dedicate this post to me. I mean, I rarely find myself worthy of a post in this blog... life has given me, over the years, amazing things to write about, things far better than “yours truly”... but tonight, as this strange year ends, I would like to say a couple of things to myself. So, here goes:

“Dear self,

Looks like you made it to the end of 2020!! Ok, another couple of hours to go but, fingers crossed you will be (alive...) on the sofa come midnight... as if there’s a plethora of choices of places to be... let’s see...the sofa, the home office, the kitchen table, the bed, the loo... our 2020 tiny universe... But, so, yeah, you made it!

What if your health (both physical and mental) was tested quite a few times, you are still alive (and relatively sane...)! What if some dreams were shattered, you found new ones on the way! What if you experienced loss and death and deep sadness and loneliness like never before... you also laughed out loud many times!

Yeah, you made it, girl! You are here in one piece (a somewhat larger piece than this time last year, admittedly...), tougher, wiser, not just older... and you found pure love in the eyes of a little fur ball named Lucifer! Against all odds, you survived and not only: you lived! Because life is the good and the bad alike! So, be proud, be joyful and while you give you a pat in the back, make a wish that next year is a tad easier than this one... and brace yourself because, no matter what, here we go!!! No backsies, we are here for the long run, come rain or come shine!! 

And... I promise to take better care of you next year... you deserve all my love!”

There. That’s it. That’s what I had to say to me and I thank you for your patience. Perhaps you would like to give you a pat in the back too?... just saying... Anyway, another year starts tonight, one that hopefully will be full of “better than shoes” things to write about. I give you my word that I will keep looking out for them and sharing them with you.

Happy New Year to everyone! 🍾πŸ₯‚


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! You deserve the best in live! Pet Luci for me! Xoxoxo

Nina said...

Thank you, dear anonymous friend 😊 Happy New Year to you too! May you chase your dreams and catch them! (...just as I had to chase Luci to pet him on your behalf... caught him by the Xmas tree... again... πŸ˜‚)

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much!!! ��