Wednesday 23 December 2020


Pyjamas got a bad reputation this year, I fear... they were associated with being stuck at home, in quarantine or while being in a bubble/social distancing. They became the trademark attire of 2020, not by choice but by necessity and, from being the symbol of “finally, I get to relax and not bother getting dressed” to the symbol of “crap... I’ve been in my pyjamas for four days now... help”! But, I’m here to set the record straight. Pyjamas are not the enemy, dear people, the damn virus is and that’s that. Pyjamas are “better than shoes”! And here’s why:

First point: we are f@cking lucky to be able to be at home, even stuck at home, in our pyjamas! They do symbolise our privilege in a world of inequality and suffering. Think about it. Warm and dry and fed and in front of a TV of wonderful series and films, under a blanket and, for the even luckier amongst us, in good company! But even if alone, still, pretty damn lucky! And yes, now it is the moment to think of everyone who’s not as lucky, who has no home and must sleep at a bench outside tonight! Think and help! So, stop whining and smile and be grateful! And helpful!

Second point: nothing stretches as well as a pyjama trousers! And, with Christmas and all, whether alone or in company, we must indulge! It’s tradition! We must overeat! Even if it’s just pizza we ordered in! (keep supporting your local restaurants, we want to go back to them when this is over!) So, going back to my first point, be grateful for your full tummy, help others be fed if you can, and tell your pyjama trousers “thank you” for managing to fit your ever increasing belly! Because your belly will increase and the time for a diet is after New Year’s Day and your faithful friend, the pyjama, will gracefully accommodate your misbehaving. Be thankful!

Third point: they are so amazingly comfy! Nothing like taking a shower (or bath, even better), putting on your clean pyjamas and crashing on the sofa in every weird position you can possibly stretch your imagination (and your limbs)! Yeah, yeah, I know, you have been living on your sofa for 9 months! Well, I have been doing it for more than a year, as fate had it, and yes, I would have loved to have traveled away from it but, screw this, I have a sofa! So, stop bitching about it, put on your comfy pyjamas, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate (a splash of Kahlua is a must if you are over 18... or 21... oh, you get it) and just relax! Watch a good film, let your worries fade away and think of better days that will surely come! Nothing lasts forever, dearies, both the good and the bad. And if now we are in the “bad”, it will soon be replaced by the “good”! Hang in there! Be hopeful! Be kind! Wear your pyjamas and have a lovely holiday!! 🎄

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