Friday 25 December 2020

a very merry Christmas...

This year has been... different (let’s leave it to that...) and Christmas felt like it was cancelled due to the strict measures most European countries have enforced in order to contain the spreading of this bug that’s been going around, killing people and all... damned thing... Everybody was rather gloomy/angry/anxious about things having to be so out of the ordinary this year... so restricted... I guess mostly because people have missed their loved ones terribly and Christmas is the definitive time of the year to get together with them but... Covid!

Personally, I felt... well, the only thing that made me sad was not being able to be with my brother, first Christmas without our mom, especially because I thought it would be heavier on him. As for the rest, I have spent Christmas alone many times, the past two years also under rather grim conditions, so to be alone again this time of the year neither scared nor saddened me. Been there, done that. Besides, I now have Lucifer so I’m never alone! And then, a few weeks back, as I had already come to terms with this reality, my adopted big brother S and his partner K invited me to spend Christmas Day with them! Yes we would keep our distances, so our hugs and kisses had to be imaginary, but we would be together! I accepted the invitation right away and with the greatest joy!

And what a Christmas Day it has been! A six course meal for three arrived in a box, from a restaurant we really like (the chef of which is, incidentally, Greek) with all the instructions how to warm up and plate! And in the talented hands of my darling S it was transformed into an amazing culinary experience, perfectly presented, tasting deliciously! A bottle of pink champagne to start in a festive note, and accompany the savoury starter that S had prepared himself, and wonderful wines to continue with our meal, made it all exceptional! Even their gorgeous cat, G, who’s 12 days older than my Luci, behaved impeccably for a kitten! 

Everything was perfect! And this will be a Christmas I will always remember! I was with family, having a great meal and a lovely conversation! Which, all things considered this year, was something to be grateful of! And I am! It was “better than shoes”! Plus, it was a great opportunity to wear my hot pink Balenciaga knife boots! I mean, I made an effort, people!... I can only hope and wish that you all had  the best Christmas Day possible under the circumstances and that you are reading this with a smile on your face and a big, happy tummy! 

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