Tuesday 19 January 2010

A good night's sleep!

(no, this is not the continuation of the previous post.... :)

I opened my eyes and saw a bit of light sneaking into the room despite the heavy curtains... ok, it's not soooo early, there's light outside... turned to my side and reached to the bed side table to see what time it was... and was pleasantly surprised: 10am! Aaaah, Sunday morning! And me managing to sleep late! Stretched my limbs and stayed in bed for some more time looking at the ceiling and thinking how great it is to sleep well! Now, perhaps to some of you this sounds weird but I'm one of those people that my biological clock gets tuned the whole week and during the weekend, even if I don't have anything to do, I wake up early... and there is nothing more frustrating the opening my eyes on a Sunday at 8:41am... ok, this was a slight exaggeration, surely there are more frustrating things than this but you get my point...

Even when on holidays it takes me some time to get adjusted to the relaxed rhythm and enjoy my sleep until late... usually a couple of days but some times even more... So when I woke up this past Sunday at 10, you can imaging that I had every reason to get a big smile on my face! And I kept it during the rest of the morning, leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee and checking out Facebook and horoscopes and listening to some music... Nice! Very nice! No stress, no work, no reason to put on shoes... Because no matter how much I love shoes, and mind you, I do... a lot... still I need to have one day per week that I do no need to put them on! It's what I call "sleepers' day" :)

So, no matter how trivial this may sound to some of you, to me a good night's sleep is better than shoes... perhaps not better than ALL shoes as one could think certain foot candy for which any girl would trade a sleepless week, but most shoes... And as for me, I will be looking forward to next weekend hoping that again I will manage to wake up as late as possible :)

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