Wednesday 6 January 2010

The art of baking cookies...

Keeping my promise, I left The frozen Netherlands some days before Christmas and went looking for better-than-shoes experiences in the warm south... Not without problems was my departure... Though I guess I was the lucky one who's flight was not canceled on the 20th of December (those of you leaving near by already know what that day was for air and land transportation means... they were all white... and immobile!!) but we actually managed to take off in that small moment the snow storm subsided, only with a couple of hours delay. The horror stories I heard from people traveling that day... brrrrr yeah, I was lucky! And leaving the winter behind I arrived in the spring!

Indeed, it is not about where I arrived, but mostly when I arrived! And I arrive at that time of the year when the temperature is 21 degrees, the sun shines and one can enjoy a cold coffee outside without needing a coat or jacket! No lie, that was Christmas season for me: spring!
Though I can understand the complaints of the indigenous people who, perhaps rightfully so, think that this is no Christmas weather and they wished for a snow that was falling very far away, I have to say that I loved it!

And  I was out a lot and met family and friends and... baked traditional Christmas cookies with my cousin and niece!! I call them cookies but they are really special, delicious (well, if you get to do them right that is...) and covered with sugar! Every house in Greece has them at this time of the year! Never did it before as an adult, neither did my cousin on her own, so I guess it's good we had my 7-year-old niece to help us... the laughs, the jokes, the fun we had was unprecedented!! We kinda followed a recipe, we kinda improvised, we kinda forgot to turn on the oven at some point... yep, essential if you actually want to bake the little rascals, but at the end we made the best cookies ever!!!! Ok, perhaps not the best ones ever but surely the best for us three! And in the process we did have a better-than-shoes time!!! Totally! Experiences like this are priceless and they will always be in our memories... while that pair of snake skin Jimmy Choo sandals will fade...

PS. Happy New Year!!! May this one be the best of the ones past and the worst of the ones to follow!!

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