Sunday 4 September 2011

brimful of asha (... on the 45 ;)

What??!! You don't know what I'm talking about??!! How old are you??!! LOL

Ok, ok, for those who have not heard this great piece of music were you are and here you are and here you are (remix) So, now that you know, and I'm sure love (if not loved already...) imagine the following:

Sea side city, part Venetian part Turkish in heritage, with elements of both cultures mixed in an incredible harmony and fused with the Greek character of the homeland, with a port as pretty as can be, full of people from all over the world, walking in its cobblestone streets under a starry sky in the warm night.

Imagine neoclassic buildings, painted in all the colours of the rainbow, imagine a mosque a stone's throw from a synagog and a handful of Greek-orthodox churches all living together in piece, imagine restaurants and bars and caf├ęs buzzing at 2 o'clock in the morning, shops selling everything you can imagine from hand crafted knives to hats and jewelry and nuts and honey. Imagine smells of jasmine and grilled bread with olive oil and smoked pork fried with rosemary...

Now imagine the most pretty neoclassic building of them all, manor house turned bar, right next to the water in the port, its white walls and pale violet lights, its window open, its white tables outside, full of people talking, laughing, drinking, dancing, imagine a strawberry daquiry (and another one, and another one...) Imagine a dj with a "James" fetish and every other piece of music you've loved all your life... and imagine dancing to the "brimfull of asha" until the early morning hours intoxicated by the sheer beauty and the smells and the fun and the daquiries...

Now, isn't that better than shoes??!

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Anonymous said...

What ? Love guru ?
remember Justin's shoes on the premiere ?