Thursday 15 September 2011


... can be better than shoes!!!

They say that "those who cannot do, teach..." but I do not agree entirely. I was selected to teach our job to the new colleagues because apparently I know what I have been doing for more that 10 years now. And no, I do not want to stop "doing", but it is an amazing experience to take a break from the work routine in order to pass the knowledge and to get to see people who had no idea about the job before being transformed to competent professionals in our line of business.  

Yep, no doubt, I love it! It has been very difficult, not at all because of the young colleagues or the subject but because.. well... forget it... let's just say for other reasons... but that is insignificant compared to the pleasure of teaching! Never thought I would like it so much, my mother always told me I would be horrible in it but she was (again...) wrong! I think I am good at it, and I say this humbly and with full respect. I think I''m good because I like it so much! On top of it, the new colleagues are smart, kind, quick to get things and very nice! So, even though I have to wake up 1 1/2 hours earlier than my normal time to be there in the morning, I can't wait to be with them!!

Ok, I do need a break after 9 straight days and I'm lucky enough to get my break but, honestly, I look forward to returning in a few days :) Yes, is has given me many, many happy moments this experience and I would not change it for the world! And today, seeing the disappointment on the trainees' faces when they realized I would not be back with them for 10 days, that was a precious moment!!!

Better than shoes? Yes, by all means, without any shred of doubt, better than a classic pair of Zanotti's flat, rhinestone embellished sandals ;)

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