Friday 10 August 2012

a tiny bit of pampering...

...never hurt anyone! And, as I'm about to elaborate, can be better than a new pair of shoes ;)

I took the afternoon off yesterday. The weather has improved remarkably in the last two days and so has my mood! After quite a few weeks of being less than good, fighting mild illnesses (that were so rude as to even follow me to a mini-break in Crete, if you would believe it...) and being rather depressed because of the weather mostly, the sun finally came out and I felt great and out of medications and with plans to go do my hair in Amsterdam... how cool is all this! Now, normally I don't travel that much to have my hair coloured (any more...) but as my amazing hairstylist went there, I followed. And it was a great opportunity to have an afternoon as if I were a footballer's wife ;)

So I left work in the early afternoon, left the car home and took the train (must be mad to drive in Amsterdam...) and, there I was, mingled with the tourists, enjoying the sunshine and my free time! Had a bit of lunch in "de Bijenkorf" ok, it's not Barneys NY but its the best the city has to offer in department stores, browsed the shoes' department (no, I did not buy anything there, my afternoon was bound to be better than shoes anyway... also, I did not find those Isabel Marant sneakers I have been coveting...) and then continued my wandering in the shopping streets.

As the afternoon was passing, I got a couple of T-shirts, had a look in many shops to see the latest trends (what's with the colours this year, hum?!... lots of teal... the colour of gangrene...) had a quick cup of tea at the cosy lobby of Conservatorium Hotel and then went for my hair. A couple of hours later, there I was with a great colour and a glamorous hairdo, a great big smile on my face and feeling completely revived! I mean, I know, it is just an afternoon, just a bit of pampering but I can assure you, it does wonders! Sometimes a woman needs this, even a rather geeky and engineer-y one like me... and when it happens, it's better than shoes ;)

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