Wednesday 8 August 2012

Ntakos is certainly better than shoes!!

What?! You don't know what that is?? Well, allow me then :)

A big crunchy barley crisp, topped with juicy finely chopped tomatoes, salt, oregano, the most delicious soft white cheese called "xinomizithra" that you can only find in my favourite island of Crete, olives and capers if you like and loads and loads of extra virgin olive oil to finish it! Not with a wet mouth yet? Take a look at these pictures then and imagine that you are savouring this divine combination of flavours by the sea, deep blue as only the Aegean can be, accompanied with a cold, really cold beer! Oh, come on, don't tell me that didn't do it for you yet!

I have been in Crete many times and I have good friends there. Every time I go I have the best time and I manage to come back with quite a few extra kilos because swimming in its amazing beaches does not help me to get rid of the thousands and thousands of calories I consume every day... the food there is simply the best! And though my last visit did not go quite as planned (cursed be you, gastroenteritis...) I still managed to taste a ntakos once more, to sink my teach in the tender grilled pork, the tastiest of potatoes, the chicken cooked with pasta, the lamb, the mushrooms and the bread! Mmmm, just thinking of those things makes me want to just catch a plane and go back today!

Eating is one of life's pleasures in my opinion and I always feel like home in a place with good food (one of the reasons I fell in love with Portugal is the food... and that certainly deserves another post, I promise!) I think good food makes people better, more humane, more pleasant, more interesting... ok I derailed... Going back to my beloved ntakos, I cannot stress enough how much I recommend you trying it once! Wherever you can find it or even make it at home if you can get the ingredients (you can easily replace xinomizithra with feta cheese... just please get some Greek one, avoid Nordic imitations...) For sure the right way is to visit gorgeous Crete! So many "better than shoes" experiences are awaiting for you there ;)

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