Saturday 10 April 2010

Bubbles... and candles...

You thought "champagne", right? Well, not today, people... though it may very well be the case that a good french bubbly is better than shoes, today's post is (mostly...) non-alcoholic :)

When I moved in to the apartment I currently live, about two and a half years ago, I gained a lot compared to the old one: A great neighbourhood with a shopping area with two supermarkets, a dry cleaner and a shoe repair shop within 5 minutes' walk, two trams stopping outside my door and taking me to the city centre in 3 minutes, a garage so that I can stay dry everyday when I leave for work and when I come back (not to mention that I no longer need to clean my car from the ice every morning during winter time...), a big guest room and lots of storage space for my shoes!

But there was one thing I gave up... my bathtub!! And the pleasure of taking a bubble bath every now and then!! And though most of the time I think that it was a good trade-off, sometimes I really do miss it so much!!
In my old house, I would come home on a Friday evening after work, usually exhausted, and I would finish the working week and welcome the weekend with a bubble bath! I would fill up the bathtub with lots and lots of bubbles and salts and scents and oils, put on some music (I even have a play list suitable for baths in my iTunes... true!!) and light up the candles in the bathroom... Then I would treat myself to a glass of wine and soak in there until all the tiredness would disappear and I would feel like a brand new person!  And that, my friends, was truly better than shoes!!!

Yep, that's it, a nice long bath... Relaxing and pleasant, helps clear up the mind and pumpers the body, not to mention that it's excellent for your feet after having been wearing a pair of stiletto's all day... if you are up to it that is... So I miss it... Especially after a busy week, I really miss it... Not that I would give up all that I gained in this apartment for it... But enough to make sure that I have all the pluses of this home AND a bathtub in the next house, whenever that is :)

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