Monday 12 April 2010

to ditch... when in school, when we would skip class to go and have a coffee... at a cafeteria!! Ok, admittedly I only remember doing this once, escaped from education with my (very briefly...) high school  boyfriend on his scooter and went to the city for coffee... it wasn't even a good day... was cloudy and cold... Anyway, the point is that I do not normally skip class... or work... Being an adult all my life, as my kindergarten teacher once said I was never a child (poor me... what a waste...) I always took my responsibilities very seriously and and now, as a professional, I do the same... usually...

Because last Friday I opened my eyes and the sun was shinning so brightly and the sky was so blue that it felt that it would be a crime to go to work! So, obviously not wanting to commit said crime, I didn't go... had a cup of coffee while chatting with my mom on the phone (yes, of course I have a mom, I did not come out of a kitchen sink...) and then got ready and went out... No, I do not have any amazing stories to tell about my day off, my name is not Ferris Bueller, but this is not the point... The point is not whether I did something spectacular, which I didn't (I didn't even indulge into shopping though I did visit one of the most interesting shoe stores in the area which unfortunately had only a very poor selection to offer... I mean, who chooses merely 4 pairs of Jimmy Choo's for a respectable store, huh??...) but it is about what I did not do!

And what I did not do was the expected thing, the usual... I did not follow the routine, I went out of the track even if just for a day... A sunny day that I spent walking under the blue sky, having a drink in little cafe and watching people pass by... no, not much, nothing worth mentioning... But what I think is worth mentioning is this feeling of ditching work (or school or any aspect of our everyday life) just for once, just for fun, just to spend with one's self... and this feeling is better then shoes... A mix of pleasure and freedom and rebellion and a tad of guilt... just a tiny bit of it... ;)

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