Monday 5 April 2010


or, if you prefer, Spring!! No matter what the name, the meaning is the same! The time of the year when nature is reborn, colour comes back to our lives, smells fill up the air and we get rid of the heavy coats and jackets... and yes, we take out of their boxes our pumps and moccasins and ballerinas and those classic converse all stars and we wear them with pride and joy! So yes, spring by all means is better than shoes and moreover it combines marvelously with it!!!

I fear spring came two weeks ago... and lasted for about 3 days... started on a Tuesday and was over by Friday... In this country you really have to pay attention not to miss the good seasons, that is spring and summer... the bad ones (autumn and winter) never go unnoticed as they last for sooooooo long you cannot but notice them... and hate them.... But the good ones, with the exception of last year when we had a wonderful spring and a lovely summer (bless global warming...) they can come and go as fast as the blink of an eye... and if you are for some reason away from here, say on holidays in a nice and warm place, then you just miss it and you don't even believe that it happened...

Anyway, this year I was here for it... the sun was shining, the weather was warm, the mood was great and then... it was over... The cold and the rain and the (borderline...) winter came back... along with my bad mood... I know I have promised to talk about good things in this blog (not only good but better than shoes...) so I should stop the whining and the misery and just hope that what happened two weeks ago was just a preview of the spring who is just about to come for good... so that I can wear those lovely snake skin Jimmy Choo ballerinas I have my eye set on ;)

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