Wednesday 21 April 2010

Carrot cake!!

Is it really the time to talk about it?... I mean, I suppose at a time like this, when thousands of people are still stranded in an airport somewhere, unable to return to their home and without a shower for far longer that they would admit (and I would want to know...), without money and without a concrete promise of a flight, and all that because Mommy Earth decided to, hmmm, fart... yes, admittedly, at a time like this it sounds a bit awkward for me to talk about carrot cake...

But, I have made a promise which I do not intend to brake and that is that I will be talking about the good things in life in this blog and I will not use it just to bitch about all the bad things that happen... Yes, I will avoid be talking about how my life very often sucks and I am pissed off and frustrated and sad and all I want to do it complain... I will refrain from using this podium to externalise my dismay or anger or to comment on all the things and all the people I do not have the guts to confront...  I will keep making an effort to find nice things to talk to you about, even when it is very difficult to do so...

So, today's post is about carrot cake! A reach, delicious, traditional carrot cake, filled and covered with mascarpone cream that I tasted in a little place in my city where organic, vegetarian food is offered... And, no, in case you are wondering, I do not do vegetarian... but I ended up in this place for a brunch and everything was yummy!! And yes, I will be revealing the name of the place on demand :)

Perhaps it is an overstatement to say that carrot cake is better than shoes... This specific one though, not only it was delicious enough to qualify but is was also eaten on a lovely sunny day, during one of the best weekends I had in a long time, with the best company I could ask for and in the best of moods! So, yes, under the circumstances,  it was better than shoes! It was better than my snake skin Jimmy Choo ballerinas that I had put on for the first time while I was enjoying the cake ;)

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