Sunday 25 April 2010

a good day... better than shoes! And I will explain why in the paragraphs to follow, beginning by the definition of a good day. So, in brief a good day is one that from the moment you open your eyes in the morning you start smiling! Perhaps with a good reason, perhaps of the previous' night's memories (or company...) or even without one... You open your eyes, you start smiling, you get off the bed and when you pull the curtains you see a brilliant sun shinning and then you have a coffee that tastes just slightly better than usually and, yeah, I forgot to mention, it's a Saturday and you don't have to go to work!

And after a nice breakfast you get out in the city, cruise the shops, keep smiling at people and, sometimes they even return the smile, yes, even in this country where people are stingy with everything and politeness above all, sometimes they do smile back... And you find this amazing set of underwear that combines the right amount of cute and sexy and then you go do your hair and, miracle of miracles, the guy finally understands what do you mean by "I hate gold highlights..." and you leave the salon with the smile you had when you got in.

Then you go home and take a nap and then you get ready and you go out in a warm evening to see a film, that proves to be a gem, and on top you get to meet great friends there and chat and laugh and drink a glass of wine and when you get on your way home, under a starry sky, you realize that still you carry the same smile you had when you woke up the same morning...

And all this is a good day! Perhaps not a spectacular one, no... perhaps not one that you will remember forever but certainly one that made you feel happier than usually... And life is full of days like this... the spectacular ones are never this many but the good ones come often and sometimes go unnoticed while we are looking for those exceptional ones... So, the message today is do not look down on a good day... it is better than shoes ;)

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RayPlay said...

Since new posts are more rare these days (that is a hint) I am reading your older ones.

Still true this wisdom I may hope, especially for people who decide to really take life upon themselves. Not having the distraction of family life.
But so true your point of a good day. Smiling at yourself and the world; even at bad things. What you give is what you get.

But "go home and take a nap"; that must be the Greek roots. Here only elderly people fall asleep during the day ~ and can't sleep in the night anymore.
And speaking about differences in culture. Indeed the Dutch are known for their stinginess, but when Greeks stay long enough in Holland they become stingy as well.

So in the end we can say that good things as well as less good things are contagious.

The sun is shining and the new herring tastes good; so have a nice, smiling and smelling day.