Thursday 28 October 2010

having a stock of good thoughts...


I woke up this morning and my mood was as dark as the sky outside my windows... The familiar crack in the curtains which normally lets about three rays of light sneak in to my room and help me get out of bed, was only giving way to a grey so thick it could only compare to the thick grey curtains themselves... No, getting up was not easy nor did it get easier when I went downstairs to have a cup of coffee... And there was no improvement while I was taking my shower and got dressed for work... In my car, on the way to the office, my iPod decided to entertain me with Nick Cave and his dead wild rose... right... why don't you give a razor with it, will you?...

At work, things only got worse, as expected... not even the usual breakfast chat or the 11:30 ciggy break helped... And then, as I was sinking deeper into the blackness,  I got an idea... All this time, for about three years, I have been piling up in these posts all the good thoughts I have been making! I have been listing all those things that have put a smile on my face day after day and have made me see life as the great gift it is! Well, then, that was it, that was the solution, right there staring at me! That was the way out of today's misery! I should read them!! So I started reading... No Hemingway stuff, of course, I would never even claim I am a writer (though I have secretly dreamed about it, I must admit...) but a lot of good stuff, all of them ready to remind me of their existence and make me feel better!

Kid you not, it worked! Ok, not entirelly... after a lunch with my friends, I still feel blue and today would certainly not be the day to share with you another one of my usual "beter than shoes" experiences... But I have come to terms with the fact that today it is a day to cash in on all those that I have been saving here! And it is indeed the day to realise that having a stock of goof thought does actually help on days like this when making new ones seems impossible! And that cannot but qualify as "better than shoes", can it? What do you think ;)

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RayPlay said...

I think it is no shame to embrace a bad day, mood or moment. Part of the deal called 'life'.
And after all: there is no good without the bad.