Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas at home...

It is 00:22 at Christmas... I'm sitting by the Christmas tree as I'm writing this... arrived home just a while ago after having had dinner with good friends... the food, the wine, their one-year-old sweetheart with her amazing smile and her first steps around the living room, everything was perfect! Better than I could ever imagine! When I decided to stay here alone for Christmas, moths ago and mostly because I have been so tired I could not bear the thought of traveling this time of the year, I had not hoped for more than just having some time for myself, time off work for staying at  home... had hoped for hours of knitting... hours of laying on the sofa...

Turns out, I must have done something good in my life because the Universe is paying me back with far more than I had hoped for! Today's dinner, tomorrow's lunch, yes, we are having turkey, how much more traditional could we be, another invitation for the second day of Christmas, friends who have become family, smiles and toasts and wine and great food and warm hearts (so what if the snow outside is still making things difficult...) and presents and children and Christmas trees and joy, so much joy and simplicity one could not have wanted for anything more! I'm home... and it's Christmas... and it is better than shoes!

I wish I could be with all the people I love today... it is not possible, such is life and the choices made that this wish will not come true this year...  perhaps the next... One thing is certain... I am having a wonderful time and I have not felt lonely not for a moment! Feels good spending Christmas at home, feels right... So I will wish to all my loved ones Merry Christmas, remind them that my home is theirs whenever the wind brings them this way and hope that, these holidays, they all have as good a time as I'm having! And better!!

PS. Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones!

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