Tuesday 21 December 2010


Yep, that's it, it's back, 't is the season to be jolly and get presents for those you care about!! I know, there is the opposing argument that a present is an obligation offered to the other person thus it should be avoided like the restrooms of McDonalds in down town Beijing (don't ask how I know... just avoid if ever there... trust me...) but I am not convinced! Ever since I was a child I loved getting present for my family and friends, I loved the process of finding out the best choice for everyone and always within a budget so limited sometimes it seemed impossible to manage :)

And then, there would be the wrapping! I would spend hours trying to wrap my present the best way possible, the papers, the ribbons, always doing it myself because, well, these girls at the stores don't know how to do it properly, right?... hmmmm, it can also be that I have always been a control freak who knows best... Anywhooo, the point is that this time of the year is one I cherish and the present-giving is certainly one of my favourite things in the world... surely a "better than shoes" thing :) and yes, it is better than receiving the gifts for me!

I know that these are difficult times for all of us, I do not live in a bubble, and these holidays will inevitably remind to many people what the consequences of the economic crisis are (if they have managed to forget so far...) but a present is not about the money it costs! Not at all!! Surely if your bank account can afford it your lady friend would greatly appreciate a pair of Louboutins but if not, who cares??!! A great gift can be a voucher for hugs and kisses, it can be something hand crafted, it can be a drawing, a free electronic card, it can be a cooked meal or the offer to do the laundry or empty the dish washer... or, if you really aim to impress, install her wireless home network!! It really is unimportant how much it costs, all that matters is that there was thought put into it, thought of the other person... and thought means love!

Isn't this what these holidays are all about ;)


Andorinha said...

What am I getting??? ah? ah? ah? I want gifts! :)))
We didn't have the chance to do our Neighbour Christmas gathering, we can do a post gathering and exchange 10 euros gifts, what do you think? We can prolong the joy and have a perfect excuse for having dinner together! :) Let me know!

Nina said...

the New Year is as good a reason for celebration as any :) boas festas vizinha :)

Andorinha said...

Já marco o jantarinho, então ;)