Monday 13 December 2010

Home cinema...

...and I do not only mean the actual "home cinema" device! Surely, one of those hi-tech costly (almost as much as dreamy pair of evening Louboutins) thingies is worth the investment (and the time you will spend reading the manual before you actually have it working...), can indeed offer a great sound experience while you are watching The Matrix Reloaded (am I tooooo outdated.... I wonder...) in Blue-ray and can make you feel like you are actually IN the Matrix yourself (...and quite a bunch of people believe this to be true... I googled it...) fighting the Smiths... but there is more into what I'm saying than a device!

I am talking about the concept of home cinema... That which involves chosing to stay in on a weekend with a load of films, put on your most comfy clothes (yes, I know, they are not the most flattering ones but that is part of the concept too, you are not dressing for others but for yourself and you just want it comfy ;)  make sure you have enough snacs, preferably the unhealthy kind that comes out of a very colourful bag but if you want to nibble on carots, hey, who am I to object??!!, nest yourself on the sofa and let the viewing begin!

I just had one of those... ok, technicaly it did involve the home cinema installation and some trips to the DIY shops in order to get all the necessary for the set up which took place on a Saturday, but then, the pleasure began! Comfy, cosy, hommy, warm, immersed into the sound and the image, it was the best! I know, I know, we are still young and we should go out and live a bit but, let's face it, the city is old and boring (my city, I don't know about yours) and the winter is cold! So, there is not a lot of competition against a warm, cosy, home cinema weekend! And, you will know when you try it, it is better than shoes!

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Anonymous said...

'Matrix 2010'= 'Inception'.

For special effects but awful story... 2012.